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This section will feature spotlighted case files from 1756 through to 1825. One each individual case file has been created, the name will appear in bold and will link through to the full report

List of Executed Prisoners of Derby Gaol

Year Prisoner's Name Crime
1756 John Ratcliffe Horse stealing
1757 Thomas Hulley For returning from Transportation
1759 Charles Kirkman For murder of his infant child
1763 John Perry and Amos Mason For Highway Robbery
1768 John Lowe For Housebreaking
1768 Charles Pleasants For Forgery
1776 Matthew Cocklayne For Murder
1780 James Meadows For Highway Robbery
1780 William Buxton For Highway Robbery
1782 James Williams For Horse Stealing
1782 John Shaw For Escaping from Gaol
1784 Thomas Greensmith For Robbery
1784 William Rose For Horse stealing
1784 John & Benjamin Jones (brothers) For Housebreaking (hanged themselves in their cell)
1785 Wm & George Grooby and James Peet For Burglary
1786 J Sheppard and Wm Stanley For Housebreaking
1786 James Halliburton For Rape
1787 John Porson For Picking Pockets
1788 Thomas Grundy For Poisoning his brother
1790 Joseph Allen For Shop breaking
1791 William Rider For Robbery
1794 James Murray For House breaking
1795 Thomas Neville For Robbing Mr Morley
1796 James Preston For Murder
1800 Thomas Knowles For Uttering a forged note
1801 Geo Lacey Powell and John Drummond For Highway Robbery
1801 James Gration For Burglary
1801 Evans and John Dent For Sheep stealing
1802 J Mellor and J Spencer For Burglary
1803 William Wells For Murder
1804 Richard Booth & John Parker (al. Tolly) For Horse stealing
1807 William Webster For Poisoning two people
1807 Joseph West For Forgery
1812 Percival Cooke & James Tomlinson For Burglary
1813 P Mason, Richard Hibbert & P Henshaw For Burglary
1815 Anthony Lingard For Murder
1816 Joseph Wheeldon For Murder
1817 Brown, Booth, Jackson & King For Firing Hay stacks
1817 J. Brandreth, Wm. Turner & I. Ludlam For High Treason
1819 Hannah Bocking For Poisoning Jane Grant
1819 Thomas Hopkinson For Highway Robbery
1822 Hannah Halley For Murder of her infant child
1825 George Batty For Rape

Batty was the last person to be hanged outside of the Gaol on Friargate.
A total of 58 people were executed although the Jones brothers, having cheated the hangsman, would have made the total 60.


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